Pinterest Reveals Some Surprises On and Off-Site

Jul 25, 2012 by

Pinterest Reveals Some Surprises On and Off-Site

Some Surprises from Pinterest

Several “Pinteresting” things to report today.

Firstly, you may have noticed new categories being added to Pinterest. Tattoos, technology, kids, posters, home decor and cars being among them. It seems that so many people were grouping these things together themselves, that Pinterest decided to make it easier to find them and offer a category for each. I knew I was seeing a lot of tattoos on there, but I’m a bit shocked that it warranted its own category. And the new categories seem (very slightly) slanted towards men’s interests, in fact. I wonder if that’s an attempt at getting more men on Pinterest, or an actual need that is being met? Who knows?

Along those same lines, it seems although WAY more women hang out on Pinterest, more men buy the things they come across. Twenty percent more, in fact. That should change the way marketers have been approaching Pinterest and what they pin on there, knowing that the men are the ones going out and spending the money.


who buys on Pinterest

More men buy from Pinterest than Women–Who knew?

















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Te Gusta Pinterest?

Jul 24, 2012 by

Te Gusta Pinterest?

Pinterest goes International

Pinterest is a visual interface (as if you didn’t know) and for that reason, it easily spans many cultures and nationalities, regardless of language. However, if you are a native speaker of spanish or portugese of any variety, or you just want to pretend you are, you are in luck!

Did you know you can change the settings on Pinterest from English to North American or ‘Spanish’ Spanish, and both Brazilian and European Portugese? Well, you can.

Go to your settings pull-down under your name at the top right of your screen on Pinterest, and look under ‘Settings.’ Edit your profile and check out the Language option.

What’s interesting is that Pinterest also is posting blog entries in spanish as well. Makes sense, since so many people speak spanish and it’s an affirmation that the site relies not just heavily, but primarily on visuals. Great luck for Pinterest, too, since that relieves them of having to operate different sites to accommodate different countries.

Que bien!

English: Spanish language flags

English: Spanish language flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Notice Anything Different About Pinterest Lately?

Apr 5, 2012 by

Pinterest Lets You Edit Your Pinboard “Cover”


Pinterest recently made a change on the site that some people may not have even noticed: You can now choose which photo you want as the “Cover”(That word certainly became popular fast!) of your pinboard.

If you mouse over each board, you will notice a pop-up box offering you the chance to ‘edit.’ You can then scroll through that board’s photos until you see one you like, choose it, and then do a little cropping to fit. Done! (As soon as Pinterest’s servers catch up. I just keep reminding myself: “They’re in Beta, and it’s free, you greedy moron.”)

Personally I like being able to customize any and everything, so this is fine with me. I get tired of looking at the same photo on some of my less-active boards.


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Want to Game Pinterest in the Stock Market?

Apr 2, 2012 by

So, Want to Game Pinterest in the Stock Market?

We MBAs study a lot of finance, and although what I’m about tot tell you isn’t high finance, a lot of people don’t figure this out. You can see lightbulbs go off over people’s heads when they grasp the concept of complimentary businesses. Not rocket-surgery, I know.

The other day when I was in Hell shopping at Wal-Mart I noticed the craft departments in Wal-Marts are cleaned out. (That may be the only time I use the word “cleaned” and “Wal-Mart” in the same sentence, unless prefaced by “never.”)

But as the popularity of Pinterest grows, I’ll bet so does the interest in Jo-anns stores(NYSE: JAS), which was purchased not that long ago by the same group that just bought J. Crew and a few other interesting brands.

Who benefits from the popularity of Pinterest? Follow the supply chains backwards, and those supplier’s supply chains and see where there is any integration or opportunity to integrate. Hobby Lobby? Oh, Yeah.

My Uncle Courtney Thomas and his Porsche 911

Courtney Thomas and a great investment - a Porsche


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Pinterest Listens to Whiners, Updates Terms of Service

Mar 23, 2012 by

Pinterest today announced that as of April 6, there will be some changes that hopefully will please some of the more irate, but omnipresent, people. Whether they are actually on Pinterest is debatable, but they are vocal.

The changes that most people are interested in are:

The clause that said Pinterest could sell your photos is being removed. That was never their intent, and apparently it is a touchy issue. As if someone would pay money for most people’s personal photos. I would worry about that as much as someone stealing my poetry and song lyrics.

Pinterest is going to provide tools to make it easier to pin (pardon the pun) users for copyright infringment.

Other changes on the way, states Ben & the Pinterest Team.


No doubt.

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