The Sound of Crickets at Pinterest

Jan 8, 2013 by

Not a whole lot to report on from the World of Pinterest. A few new “Pinterviews” with no-name pinners, and that’s about it over on the Pinterest website. No updates since October or November, so I’m afraid it’s quiet around here, too.

I’m about to bloat expand this site a little with categorized Pinterest home decor pages. Readers come to this site for answers, and often they are confused when they get here. How do I know? Google Analytics.

I currently get around 2,000 visitors here per week, and most click away in under one minute. Obviously, they aren’t finding what they/you want, so that’s no good. So, my goal is to raise the quality of the site via valuable content, revolving around home decor and home decorating ideas. Easy enough.

2013 will bring about some renovations here at Pinterest Home, so check back often and let me know what you think.

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The Best Pinterest Profile Picture Size

Dec 8, 2012 by

If you have a lot of social media accounts like me, or are just a stickler for details (also like me) then you probably would like to upload the optimal image for your profiles. I create a lot of my own web assets, which gives me the ability to fully customize it all. Therefore, I have no excuse to not be creating images that are optimal.

So, I’m making templates for the profile pages of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and so on in Photoshop and Illustrator down to the pixel. Although I have the Facebook cover dimensions memorized: 851 x 315 pixels. But I’m going a step further and measuring out exactly the stroke of the frames for the images that fit within covers, a la Facebook and Twitter, and G+ to a certain skewed extent. That’s if you want to intimately and cleverly incorporate your profile pic to your cover pic as I plan on doing one day soon. I’ll post those templates somewhere, probably my new design site, webdesignPOP.

So, without further babbling, the exact size of your Pinterest profile picture is 165 x 165 px.

If you want to upload a profile picture, Pinterest recommends using an image that has square dimensions (600 x 600 px is recommended). Square images that are larger than 165 x 165 px will be automatically resized to fit. Square images that are smaller than 165 x 165 px will be stretched to fit. Rectangular images are centered, resized, and cropped automatically so the resulting profile picture might not be your ideal. If you have trouble finding a photo or image you like, and don’t have photo editing software, there are some decent editing programs available online for free. One I used for a long time before diving in head-first with Adobe products (which I love, evidenced by my fan page, which is more of a bunch of “How-to’s” to help me and others learn: About Adobe) is PhotoScape. GIMP is also very good, although their marketing department surely wants to rework their brand name.

To change your Pinterest profile picture:

1. Click your name at the top-right toolbar on Pinterest.

2. Click the Edit Profile button on your profile page.

3. On the Edit Settings page, you can click “Upload an Image” to choose a file from your computer. Or, if you have a Facebook/Twitter profile linked to Pinterest, you can click the “Refresh from Facebook/Twitter” buttons to pull your image from another account.

4. Click Save Profile at the bottom of the page when you’re finished making edits to your profile.


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Pinterest Website Verification Service: Say Wha?

Oct 31, 2012 by

Pinterest Website Wants to Verify Yours

If you have a blog or website and want to have your domain name on your Pinterest website profile, you’ll apparently have to verify it as belonging to you first. Tumblr blogs are getting the treatment, too. To do that, Pinterest asks that you attach a file to your site, sort of like how Google, Alexa and Bing verify your site when it was set up. It then scans it for the code, and if you check out, then you’re in. No complaints from Google and Bing, since they help my websites be found for no charge, but Pinterest?

I can’t really see the huge value in this, as a user or to Pinterest. I never realized that website fraud was such a big problem. I mean, are people putting others’ domains on their profiles, for some reason? Possibly to trick the viewer of their profile into thinking they are the city of Louisville, or that you might be repinning Kim Kardashian’s sausage breakfast casserole recipe? And if so, what business is it of Pinterest’s? Just don’t let people include a website address link on their profile if it’s causing problems. I have to think that Pinterest had to put at least one full-timer on this job, so they must see some sort return by doing it, but how? Hmmm.

Nonetheless, I verified this site you’re looking at, and looked at the code that you’re asked to put on your server. It’s 152 lines of HTML with a lot of tables and inline CSS with a few Pinterest graphics tossed in. Garbage, basically. But I imagine once verified it’s fine to take it out. Hoping so, at least because that’s what I’m doing after posting this. Pinterest reps didn’t say one way or another or why they’re doing it, or give much notice other than “we’re starting to do it.”

Things that make you go hmmm. Is the world really a safer place?


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19% of US Women on Pinterest

Sep 19, 2012 by

New Study Shows 19% of Women in the US Now Using Pinterest

While I’ve noticed that there are quite a few men using Pinterest from the UK, I haven’t seen too many other fellow American men joining up. At least not in the numbers that women have. Strange, considering men as a whole are considered a more visual group among the sexes. However, there’s now some numerical data to back up my assertion that women are flocking to Pinterest to post pictures of favorite recipes, dresses and Johnny Depp. Even my “Men of Pinterest, Unite!” pinboard has been feeling a little lonely lately.

A Pew Internet & American Life Project report confirms Pinterest’s reputation in the US. According to a survey of more than 1,000 adults in America, nearly 20% of women using the Internet are now on Pinterest, compared to just 5% of men. All told, 12% of American Internet users are on the image-based social network, which has surged in popularity in the past year.

You can read more about this phenomenon here.


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Pinterest Boards Now With Animated Pins

Aug 7, 2012 by

Pinterest Boards Now With Animated Pins

Pinterest Boards Become Lively

You’ve no doubt noticed that when you pin an item to your Pinterest board of choice, the image rotates slightly in and out of place. I imagine this is to spice up what previously was a 2 dimensional format. Along with the feature of you rpin coming at you and then placing itself back onto the page, there have been a few other tweaks on Pinterest. Subtle, but they’re there.

I’m not so sure I like the extra movement, since it really seems to slow things down a little. I don’t pin things like a madman, to be sure; I am very deliberate and selective about my pins.I have certain exclusive criteria I try to adhere to, because not only do I pin items o Pinterest for myself, I have them there for reference for clients and you, who may want to follow a board or two, or follow my diverse set of Pin boards.

For a pin to be repinned, it must jump out and contain something unique. It needs to be special, not just another nice photo of a bathroom, or “whatever.” It should create an impression on its own that has lasting power, and doesn’t fade into the background after a minute. I even created a pinboard labelled Just Because,” just because there are some images that, to me at least, are notable enough to set aside.

What do you think of the animated pins on Pinterest? Are they necessary? Do they add something that was missing? Do they draw you into the site and give it a true interactive feel? Whatever the reason Pinterest decided to liven up the place, it seems a little unnecessary to me, and distracting and as I mentioned, makes the process feel sluggish.  For a site that has problems staying up as it is, I’m not sure bogging it down with HTTP calls or whatever is going to enhance the user experience. But I realize Pinterest is young, and it’s a work in progress.

Image representing Pinterest as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

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