Enter Bob Vila’s $4,000 Complete Outdoor Heat Giveaway with Infratech today!

Sep 15, 2019 by

Fall is here, and winter’s coming. This year, don’t feel confined to your home and indoor spaces. Enjoy a brisk eveni... read more

A Strong Start: The Best Concrete Mix for Every DIY Project

Sep 13, 2019 by

If you have any experience with home improvement, you need no convincing about the strengths of concrete as a buildin... read more

The Best Axes for Splitting Wood

Sep 12, 2019 by

Nothing can rival the glowing ambiance of a fireplace or even a wood-burning stove, but having split firewood deliver... read more

Thinking About Buying a Duplex? Consider Both Sides

Sep 12, 2019 by

Purchasing a duplex—also known as a two-family house—or a multi-family property can be a smart money-making move as a... read more

Solved! What Causes Power Outages

Sep 9, 2019 by

Q: Last night, the power went out and, luckily, came back on only an hour later—soon enough for the food in the fridg... read more


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