The Best Pinterest Profile Picture Size

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The Best Pinterest Profile Picture Size

If you have a lot of social media accounts like me, or are just a stickler for details (also like me) then you probably would like to upload the optimal image for your profiles. I create a lot of my own web assets, which gives me the ability to fully customize it all. Therefore, I have no excuse to not be creating images that are optimal.

So, I’m making templates for the profile pages of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and so on in Photoshop and Illustrator down to the pixel. Although I have the Facebook cover dimensions memorized: 851 x 315 pixels. But I’m going a step further and measuring out exactly the stroke of the frames for the images that fit within covers, a la Facebook and Twitter, and G+ to a certain skewed extent. That’s if you want to intimately and cleverly incorporate your profile pic to your cover pic as I plan on doing one day soon. I’ll post those templates somewhere, probably my new design site, webdesignPOP.

So, without further babbling, the exact size of your Pinterest profile picture is 165 x 165 px.

If you want to upload a profile picture, Pinterest recommends using an image that has square dimensions (600 x 600 px is recommended). Square images that are larger than 165 x 165 px will be automatically resized to fit. Square images that are smaller than 165 x 165 px will be stretched to fit. Rectangular images are centered, resized, and cropped automatically so the resulting profile picture might not be your ideal. If you have trouble finding a photo or image you like, and don’t have photo editing software, there are some decent editing programs available online for free. One I used for a long time before diving in head-first with Adobe products (which I love, evidenced by my fan page, which is more of a bunch of “How-to’s” to help me and others learn: About Adobe) is PhotoScape. GIMP is also very good, although their marketing department surely wants to rework their brand name.

To change your Pinterest profile picture:

1. Click your name at the top-right toolbar on Pinterest.

2. Click the Edit Profile button on your profile page.

3. On the Edit Settings page, you can click “Upload an Image” to choose a file from your computer. Or, if you have a Facebook/Twitter profile linked to Pinterest, you can click the “Refresh from Facebook/Twitter” buttons to pull your image from another account.

4. Click Save Profile at the bottom of the page when you’re finished making edits to your profile.


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