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Welcome to Pinterest Home!

Welcome to Pinterest Home!

My name is Michael Musgrove and I am a real estate professional in Louisville, KY. is a place I plan on storing the best of the best of what I find on Pinterest for your home, for ideas for my clients houses, and myself and my properties.

If you’re interested in or have questions about Louisville real estate, please contact me anytime. I will be happy to help!


Michael Musgrove

(502) 264-2353


  • SFBay12

    I tried finding reliable business-to-business telesales help. I had developed a script, obtained a highly qualified prospect list and offered $15 per hour, plus 10% on each sale (extremely high by oDesk standards). I was amazed at how few qualified telesales pros there are. The 2 or 3 seemingly qualified, weren’t interested. I received a lot of interest from people who work in call service centers with marginal speaking skills (not really the same), and a few foreign prospects were on the worst time zones (For example Brazil is great for making calls to USA – but India not so). In essence, I gave up on using oDesk for finding good telesales pros for B2B. People in India and elsewhere think that employers are impressed by low they bid – I wasn’t impressed. I would rather pay well and get dependable talent. That is the advantage people like this author have over the price whores, plus access to dependable high-speed Internet access. I was shocked by how undependable not only Internet access is but something as ubiquitous as electricity in places like India. Fortunately, American companies are going to realize that low-cost produces low ROI and will start to focus more on the contractor’s skills and infrastructure.

  • I’m trying to sign in to pinterest,forgot password,,,pinterest. Keeps telling me will send email to help,still hasn’t sent me email

  • 1stMate

    I have a question: is it legal to use historic photos from Pinterest in a publication about antiques? Would we just tag each photo with “”

    • MM

      Well, the photo belongs to whoever took it. It may be “legal” but it’s probably worth just asking the owner for permission. If you hover over the “Pin,” or photo you’re interested in, it will show you in the bottom left corner where it originated from. That would be how to track down the person/organization to ask about using it. The best way to ensure you don’t step on any toes is to simply ask. In my experience, unless they’re a professional photographer that makes money from their images, they won’t mind. But people will get huffy if they see their images used without permission.

      (502) 264-2353

  • dwi susanti

    dwi susanti