Pinterest Boards Now With Animated Pins

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Pinterest Boards Now With Animated Pins

Pinterest Boards Become Lively

You’ve no doubt noticed that when you pin an item to your Pinterest board of choice, the image rotates slightly in and out of place. I imagine this is to spice up what previously was a 2 dimensional format. Along with the feature of you rpin coming at you and then placing itself back onto the page, there have been a few other tweaks on Pinterest. Subtle, but they’re there.

I’m not so sure I like the extra movement, since it really seems to slow things down a little. I don’t pin things like a madman, to be sure; I am very deliberate and selective about my pins.I have certain exclusive criteria I try to adhere to, because not only do I pin items o Pinterest for myself, I have them there for reference for clients and you, who may want to follow a board or two, or follow my diverse set of Pin boards.

For a pin to be repinned, it must jump out and contain something unique. It needs to be special, not just another nice photo of a bathroom, or “whatever.” It should create an impression on its own that has lasting power, and doesn’t fade into the background after a minute. I even created a pinboard labelled Just Because,” just because there are some images that, to me at least, are notable enough to set aside.

What do you think of the animated pins on Pinterest? Are they necessary? Do they add something that was missing? Do they draw you into the site and give it a true interactive feel? Whatever the reason Pinterest decided to liven up the place, it seems a little unnecessary to me, and distracting and as I mentioned, makes the process feel sluggish.  For a site that has problems staying up as it is, I’m not sure bogging it down with HTTP calls or whatever is going to enhance the user experience. But I realize Pinterest is young, and it’s a work in progress.

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