Top 10 Alternatives to an iPad for Christmas

Nov 28, 2013 by

Top 10 Alternatives to an iPad for Christmas

Apple iPads are wonderful, but they aren’t always the solution. Sometimes the budget, memory requirements, or whatever may have you looking for alternatives to an iPad. Here are 10 great alternatives to buying an iPad this Christmas if you’re in the market for a tablet:

  1. Nexus 7
    Starting at $230, the Nexus 7 is a hugely popular tablet. It features a 1900 x 1200 display, two cameras, and a powerful processor. It also rivals the iPad’s battery life, with over eight hours of battery life.
  2. ASUS MeMO Pad
    At just $149, this tablet is even more affordable than the iPad mini. It comes with 16 GB of space and weighs less than a pound. This is a great tablet for a student, because it comes preloaded with art and writing apps.
  3. Tabeo e2
    If you want a tablet for a kid, it doesn’t get much better than the $150 Tabeo e2. This 8-inch tablet includes Internet browsing, a movie-watching app, and games. The tablet even comes with 30 apps already loaded!
  4. Kindle Fire
    The Kindle Fire from Amazon has always been a big contender in the tablet wars. There are versions from the $139 Fire HD to the $379 Fire HDX. Get your media fill with Kindle’s gaming and video apps.
  5. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8
    At $250, the Yoga Tablet 8 is a great bargain. It features a kickstand for easy watching and playing. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, the Yoga Tablet beats almost any other tablet you can buy.
  6. Asus Transformer
    The Asus Transformer is a tablet that can also function as a laptop, making it the perfect gift for the busy multitasker. A new Transformer can cost over $500, but it has features not offered by any other tablet.
  7. Nook HD
    Starting at $129, the Nook HD tablet is an affordable alternative to the iPad. Loaded with the GooglePlay store, Chrome, and the Nook store, there is something for everyone on the Nook HD.
  8. Samsung ATIV Smart PC
    The Samsung ATIV Smart PC has the features of a PC and a tablet in one sleek piece of machinery. Users can share apps and content with other Windows 8 devices in addition to taking advantage of the ATIV’s long battery life.
  9. Hisense Sero 7 Pro
    This tablet starts at $89, so it is easily one of the most affordable tablets on the market. With 4 GB of memory and a dual core processor, the Hisense Sero 7 Pro is a great starter tablet for occasional users.
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab
    The Tab is one of the most popular new tablets available, with equal appeal for both adults and kids. It features dual operating modes, so you can limit what your kids get into and still keep all of your apps on the tablet.

10 alternatives to iPad

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Blessings for When You’re Expected to Give the Blessing and Have Writer’s Block

Nov 27, 2013 by

Top 10 Thanksgiving Blessings for When You’re Expected to Give the Blessing and Have Writer’s Block

If you’re a male and grew up in the Southern USA like I did, you’re expected to say the blessing at least 200 times a year. Don’t know why that job falls to certain people, but it does. And sometimes you just can’t come up with anything and your prayer turns into: Dear Lord, please don’t make me look like an idiot in front of these hungry people. Your prayers are then answered in the form of Google and you arrive here:

Top 10 Thanksgiving Blessings when you’re in a crunch:

  1. This succinct blessing from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    For each new morning with its light,

    For rest and shelter of the night,

    For health and food, for love and friends,

    For everything Thy goodness sends

  2. A Moravian blessing:

    Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be

    And bless these gifts

    Bestowed by Thee

    And bless our loved ones everywhere,

    And keep them in Your loving care.

  3. More Thanksgiving wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    For each new morning with its light,

    For rest and shelter of the night,

    For health and food,

    For love and friends,

    For everything Thy goodness sends.

  4. A fun, quirky blessing from Edgar A. Guest:

    When turkey’s on the table laid,

    And good things I may scan,

    I’m thankful that I wasn’t made

    A vegetarian.

  5. An abundant blessing from Joanna Fuchs:

    We thank you for the turkey,

    The gravy and the dressing.

    Dear Lord, this table overflows

    With Thy abundant blessing.

    Let us always be aware

    That all gifts come from You,

    And may we serve Your heavenly will

    In everything we do. Amen.

  6. A thankful prayer from C. Welton Gaddy:

    Thank You, thank You, thank You, generous God!

    You have injected life with joy, thus we know laughter.

    You have dabbed creation with color, thus we enjoy beauty.

    You have whistled a divine tune into the rhythm of life, thus we hear music.

    You have filled our minds with questions, thus we appreciate mystery.

    You have entered our hearts with compassion, thus we experience faith.

  7. An Aztec blessing to change things up:

    Lord most giving and resourceful,

    I implore you;

    make it your will

    that this people enjoy

    the goods and riches you naturally give,

    that naturally issue from you,

    that are pleasing and savory,

    that delight and comfort,

    though lasting but briefly,

    passing away as if in a dream.

  8. A thought from Henry Ward Beecher:

    The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!

  9. A simple traditional cowboy grace:

    Bless this food and us that eats it.

  10. A ritual chant on thankfulness:

    We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Now, go be the blessing hero!

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