Pinterest Website Verification Service: Say Wha?

Oct 31, 2012 by

Pinterest Website Wants to Verify Yours

If you have a blog or website and want to have your domain name on your Pinterest website profile, you’ll apparently have to verify it as belonging to you first. Tumblr blogs are getting the treatment, too. To do that, Pinterest asks that you attach a file to your site, sort of like how Google, Alexa and Bing verify your site when it was set up. It then scans it for the code, and if you check out, then you’re in. No complaints from Google and Bing, since they help my websites be found for no charge, but Pinterest?

I can’t really see the huge value in this, as a user or to Pinterest. I never realized that website fraud was such a big problem. I mean, are people putting others’ domains on their profiles, for some reason? Possibly to trick the viewer of their profile into thinking they are the city of Louisville, or that you might be repinning Kim Kardashian’s sausage breakfast casserole recipe? And if so, what business is it of Pinterest’s? Just don’t let people include a website address link on their profile if it’s causing problems. I have to think that Pinterest had to put at least one full-timer on this job, so they must see some sort return by doing it, but how? Hmmm.

Nonetheless, I verified this site you’re looking at, and looked at the code that you’re asked to put on your server. It’s 152 lines of HTML with a lot of tables and inline CSS with a few Pinterest graphics tossed in. Garbage, basically. But I imagine once verified it’s fine to take it out. Hoping so, at least because that’s what I’m doing after posting this. Pinterest reps didn’t say one way or another or why they’re doing it, or give much notice other than “we’re starting to do it.”

Things that make you go hmmm. Is the world really a safer place?


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