12 Times Goo Gone Saves the Day

May 10, 2019 by

DIYers looking for that perfect go-to gunk, glop, spill, and stain remover for the home, laundry, workshop, and garage need look no further than Goo Gone, an amazing multipurpose cleanser that bills itself as “America’s #1 brand in adhesive removers.” Advertising hype aside, it is true that sticky, gummy, and, yes, gooey messes are no match for Goo Gone, which removes an astonishing number of household, automotive, and outdoor splotches and blotches, ranging from tape residue and glue to grease and gum. Goo Gone is safe for most finished surfaces, although it is always best to test the product in a hidden or inconspicuous area first. Read on to learn about the range of tough stuff that Goo Gone can help remove in a jiffy.


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