My 20 Most Recent Pinterest Pins

I have a large, and growing, collection of pins and pinboards which cover a fairly broad spectrum of interests, from the Grateful Dead to 3D printed objects to Town & Country decor to the color red.

However since this site is dedicated to houses and homes, home decor, home furnishings, home accents and all that which I come across or pin myself on Pinterest, my Pinterest ‘Home’ pinboard pins seem the most logical to put here. Plus I believe they’re my most popular as well. I sometimes accidentally slip a web design or WordPress post in, but the focus here is Pinterest Home, style and home decor.

But please check all my boards out if you want:

[ultimate-photo source=”pinterest” uid=”musgrove” specific_board=”home” display_link=”1″ link_style=”small” size=”600″ style=”tiles” num=”19″ shape=”rectangle” align=”center” disable_link=”1″ ]

  • Penny Reynolds

    You have some very striking pins! I love Pinterest and am new to it….. thanks!

    • Thanks! I think you’ll enjoy Pinterest. I’ve been on there for quite a while, and after some time everything begins to look the same, and you see the same pins over and over. I try to only pin things from around the web and repin things that especially catch my eye, whether visually, or something that suits my tastes well and I think others may also like, and of course, just my everyday boring interests that no one but myself probably cares about :-).

  • Perfectly imperfect creations is one of the newest design things on Pinterest! She has jewelry, home designs that are done so creative, just love this new spot of things.